Welcome to the new Tana Nodes

Hey there! It’s been a while!

We are just in the eighth month of Tana Nodes’ existence, and it seems like the perfect time to seek a sustainable solution for the foreseeable future that doesn’t involve using multiple services to manage everything. I was juggling too many tools, integrations, and automations, which required more maintenance and caused sudden headaches that I would rather avoid. A few months ago, I discovered OutSeta (https://outseta.com) when I realized that the system I was building was becoming too complex to scale, prompting me to search for an alternative.

OutSeta proved to be invaluable as it allowed me to seamlessly transfer all the premium subscriptions from Ghost through a straightforward import process (a big thank you to Geoff for the assistance). Moreover, OutSeta encompasses all the functionalities that I previously had to piece together using various tools.

Firstly, it enables me to operate this website using WordPress, which is my preferred content management system (CMS) when I require a robust platform that allows for continuous development and improvement.

Secondly, it provides the convenience of managing subscriptions, products, and add-ons from a single profile. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with Discord, allowing users to manage their Discord accounts on the Tana Nodes server directly from their profile.

This is particularly advantageous when considering the alternative of using three separate services to achieve the same functionality. Overall, this transition has allowed me to consolidate my toolkit (Ghost, Mailerlite, Make, Postmark, SuperCord Bot 👋🏼) to only one service (OutSeta 🙏🏼).

Now, let’s move on to the more “structural” news.

You may have observed that the free subscription option is no longer available. This change has been implemented to ensure that all my posts, guides, and tutorials on this website are now accessible to everyone without any paywall restrictions.

If you were previously a free subscriber to Tana Nodes, you will continue to receive new posts via email.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s changing:

  1. The Discord server is currently undergoing an upgrade. Premium tutorials and patterns will now be available within the server as threaded discussions.
  2. Starting now, all Premium members will not only get access to the Discord server, but they will also be granted exclusive entry to the monthly workshopThis incredible perk is now included in your membership. Previously, you had the option to purchase access to a specific edition in order to attend the workshop and access the archive. With the new and improved system you need to become a paid subscriber in order to access the monthly events.
  3. Gold members will also enjoy full access to the monthly workshops, along with Studio OS and many upcoming paid templates.
  4. Platinum members enjoy full access to all these benefits, including my highly anticipated Tana for Builders course (coming soon).

The new Subscribe page features an aesthetically pleasing table that visually represents the various benefits and the revamped structure of the Tana Nodes subscriptions. Have a look! 👀

Existing paid subscribers will be sent an email to authenticate their accounts. Through your profile on this website, you will have the opportunity to link (or re-link, for most users) your Discord account. This will grant you access to all the paid resources available on the server and the new dashboard (screenshot below).

That’s all! Thank you for reading this far!

I trust you are enjoying the revamped website and the enhanced subscription choices. I am thrilled about the upcoming developments within the Tana community. A brand new premium template will be released shortly, and I am nearly prepared to unveil some of the most impressive AI workflows I have ever created with Tana in my upcoming course. Can’t wait to share it all with you.