Siri to Tana. From Audio Notes to Supertagged Nodes

Hello everyone! Today, I’m excited to introduce a powerful workflow that seamlessly integrates Siri with Tana.

Siri to Tana enables you to capture voice notes directly from your Apple Watch, sending the transcriptions to your Tana graph as supertagged nodes. It’s truly mind-blowing.

Siri to Tana

With just a few steps, you can set up an Apple Shortcut accessible right from your Apple Watch, working in tandem with Make, the Tana input API and the OpenAI API.

The best part is that I’ll show you how to use keywords at the beginning of your notes to apply different supertags – this ensures that you can use Siri to Tana for all types of reminders.

This means that you can create memos, tasks, projects, or any other type of node that’s useful to you, simply by saying “Hey Siri, Siri to Tana” then “Memo, Buy Groceries” then again “Project, New video about Siri to Tana”.

In seconds, you’ll see the new #memo and the new #project nodes appear in your search nodes – cleaned up to remove the keywords that we will discard after sending the transcription to Make.

I’ve shared both the Apple shortcut and the Make scenario on our Discord server. Additionally, I’ve provided a video tutorial to guide you through importing and setting up the Apple Shortcut and Make Scenario. If you’re eager to get started quickly, grab the bundle there!

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