Smart Subscriptions Tracker with Tana Commands + AI.

Building on the strong foundation of Tana and its impressive AI integration, we’re going a step further in this tutorial, exploring the exciting combination of Tana Commands and AI. We’ll dive into how to transform the subscription tracker in Studio OS, turning it into a ‘Smart Subscription Tracker’ through a clever mix of AI smarts and the powerful automation abilities of Tana commands.

I’ll guide you in crafting Tana commands that can autonomously track the frequency of your various subscriptions, whether monthly or yearly. Leveraging the power of AI, this command will give you the next billing date, count the number of billing cycles you’ve already paid, and calculate the total amount you’ve spent on the subscription so far.

But we’re not stopping there! I’ll also demonstrate how to set up a comprehensive dashboard for your subscriptions, and share tips on how to manage these subscriptions on your day node.

I’ve packed a lot into almost 20 minutes of video content, separated into four parts. So, grab a cup of your favorite coffee, open up Tana, and let’s start building tana commands! If you prefer to import the workflow into your workspace tho, there’s a template at the end of this post. Enjoy!

Workflow: When in my day node on May 20th and I see that I have a payment due, I will click on the “Next Billing” button and the following actions will occur:

  1. The “Next Billing Date” will be updated to the following month (or the following year) based on the frequency of the subscription.
  2. The “Billing Cycles” field will be updated to reflect the number of cycles for which you’ve already been billed, calculated from the start date of the subscription.
  3. The “Total Cost” will be updated by multiplying the cost of the subscription by the number of billing cycles already completed.

Setting up the Supertag and the Tana Commands

Initially, I created a basic Tana supertag structure, which led me to writing prompts and use the new “Insert relative date” system command.

Editing the Command to make it work with both Monthly and Yearly frequency

I edited the Command to make sure that it works differently depending on the frequency of my subscription. This allows me to “bring forward” nodes that are either monthly or yearly subscriptions using just one Command.

Setting up a dashboard to track Subscriptions

Day Node demonstration

The above illustrates the workflow I have discussed earlier. With just a single click on the billing day, I can effortlessly advance the next billing to the correct date. This method eliminates the need for creating a new node for each billing cycle, yet it efficiently keeps track of the number of times I’ve been billed and the total amount I’ve spent on the subscription.

The workflow I’ve just outlined will be available in Studio OS with the next update. However, if you’re eager to start using it right now, I’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find a ready-made template that you can implement immediately to start streamlining your subscription management.