Mastering Tana Commands: A Sneak Peek into My Tana Commands Workshops

Hello everyone,

Today’s post is quite unique, owing to an unforeseen circumstance – a bit of a fresh experiment on my end. If you’ve been keeping up with my updates, you’ll remember that I recently held my second Tana Commands and AI workshop. This session was special as we not only delved into the depths of my Tana Capture strategies, but we did so amidst the enchanting backdrop of my garden.

Due to a landslide near my house triggered by heavy rainfall, my internet connection was disrupted for almost a week. This unexpected event forced me to set up an emergency workspace in my garden for this edition of the workshop. I must admit, it was an experience like no other.

So, I must mention, this isn’t just a Tana building session. As one of the attendants humorously suggested, it’s also an unintentional ASMR session. You’ll hear the calming sounds of my deep voice, the soft clacking of Gatheron pro yellow switches, and a delightful medley of Southern European birdsong. If this unique setting isn’t quite what you’re used to, I kindly ask for your understanding 😁

Despite the unusual circumstances, I truly believe that the value packed into this extensive coverage is worth your time. The insights and techniques discussed could serve as a game-changer for anyone interested in harnessing the power of AI and command-based operations.

The first part of the 1.1hr video – about 40 minutes or so – is dedicated to Tana Capture. In this section, I show you how Tana Commands assist me in comprehending URLs, media and audio notes. It provides a glimpse into how I use Tana to capture information and Commands + AI to organize it.

In the second part, I shift gears to discuss a somewhat intricate topic – structuring a JSON dump from Apple Health in Tana Paste format. I show the creation of a Command that automates this entire task. I initially designed this workflow for a client, and while it was quite challenging to perfect, the results were worth the effort. However, I won’t delve into the specifics of extracting data from Apple Health and inputting it into Tana through Pipedream in this post. That’s a topic worthy of its own tutorial, which I will write soon.

Looking ahead, I’m excited to announce that the next event is scheduled for July 27th. Registrations are open, and I encourage you to secure your spot as soon as possible. By registering for the upcoming workshop (or by upgrading to the Platinum tier), you will gain immediate access to both past and future editions of the archive. This means that you will receive new and up-to-date material on a monthly basis.

Having said that, I genuinely hope that this video offers valuable insights into the realm of Tana Commands and their applications. Your feedback is of utmost importance to me, so please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section or on Twitter.