Tana for Builders

Build AI-Driven Tana Apps

Dive deep into the world of Tana with our dedicated “Tana for Builders” course. Equip yourself with the comprehensive skills required to craft AI-powered apps using Tana’s robust features. This course spans from understanding the basics for budding Tana builders to mastering the intricacies of advanced AI commands development, workspace design, and efficient app distribution.

What You Will Learn

Advanced Tana Commands

Explore the versatility of Tana Commands, from their simplicity to their potential complexity. We’ll start from the basics, guiding you to craft intricate commands tailored to address a variety of challenges.

Tana for Builders Fundamentals

Grasp the essentials every Tana Builder should be proficient in: tana paste, search queries, semantic functions, extending supertags, and more. This module offers an exhaustive introduction to set a solid foundation.

Tips & Tricks for Builders​

Building effectively requires a toolkit of strategies. Understand how to optimize repetitive tasks, expedite template creation, and master tips, tricks, and strategies to refine your building process.

Advanced AI Automations​

AI is pivotal to Tana’s utility. Enhance your app-building prowess with features like Autofill and Autotag, understand the nuances of the Tana Capture Inbox, and gain proficiency in prompt-building with Tana Paste.

Tana Input API & API Requests​

Deepen your expertise in harnessing the Tana Input API and integrating webhooks on platforms like Make, Zapier, and Pipedream. Learn to utilize the Make API Request in commands, blending your graph content seamlessly with external services.

Distribute AI Powered Tana Apps​

Upon mastering the art of building, I’ll guide you through distributing your AI-driven Tana apps effectively, ensuring they reach the right audience with the optimal user experience.

Course will be released in Q2 2024. Final price 99 US$.

Frequently asked questions

Will the course content be updated?

Throughout the year, I will consistently add new modules to the course to reflect the latest Tana features and updates to existing workflows. By joining the dedicated channel in our Discord community, you’ll always be informed about any pertinent updates as they occur.

Do I need any prior Tana experience to follow the course?

YES! This course is crafted to cater to users across different levels of Tana proficiency. However, it’s worth noting that the primary focus is not on teaching the foundational principles.

How is the course delivered and where is it hosted?
The course is structured into video modules, complemented by template bundles and a dedicated public workspace. This workspace serves as a central hub, facilitating easy access to both written and video content for each module. All course materials are conveniently hosted on this website.
Meet your instructor

Get to know more about my story

A dedicated professional, passionate learner, and proud family man, I have the privilege of wearing many hats. Not only have I founded and nurtured four successful businesses, but I also cherish my role as a husband and a father to two wonderful children. Nestled in the desolated Italian countryside, my family and I relish everything the great outdoors has to offer.

My professional journey has granted me a rich reservoir of experience in the realm of productivity and graph-based tools. Over the years, Tana has been at the forefront of my exploration. 

This immersion into Tana, combined with my background in data modeling, concept mapping, and data visualization, has equipped me with a nuanced understanding of the platform’s vast capabilities. 

As a certified Tana Ambassador, I pride myself on my adeptness in bringing Tana’s potential to fruition for both individuals and teams. My proficiency especially shines when leveraging Tana’s AI features, ensuring that workspaces are optimized, efficient, and tailored to the needs of the user.

I aim to guide others in harnessing the power of Tana to its fullest, ensuring that they, too, can achieve their aspirations in the digital domain.


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