Tana Workshops

Master Tana AI & Tana Commands with our bi-weekly Workshops.

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of Tana, Tana Commands and Tana AI in our hands-on bi-weekly workshops, designed specifically for Tana users who want to enhance their skills in creating both simple and complex workflows. During the 2-hour sessions, you’ll discover the remarkable capabilities of Tana Commands and Tana AI, which will open up a world of boundless possibilities.

At Tana Nodes, we believe in an approach where understanding is fostered not just by listening or reading, but by actively doing.

That’s why our signature 3-hour sessions are tailored to offer a hands-on experience.

Why Choose Our Monthly Sessions?

Intimate & Friendly Setting

Our sessions are designed to maintain a close-knit learning environment. This ensures each participant gets the attention they deserve.

Learn by Building

Theory alone can only teach you so much. Our workshops are structured around practical exercises where participants build real Tana projects. This method has proven to aid retention and understanding.

Expert Guidance

With Andrea, a leading Tana Ambassador, at the helm, you’re ensured expert guidance. Having positioned himself as a go-to expert in Tana AI and Tana Commands, Andrea brings depth and practicality to each session.

Resourceful Takeaways

Beyond the session, participants will leave with valuable templates, command references, and other materials to continue their journey with Tana.

Community Driven

Our learning doesn’t end with the session. Tana Nodes is more than just a training platform; it’s a community. Engage with fellow Tana enthusiasts, share experiences, and continue your learning journey with the support of a passionate community.

Join Us for an Engaging Learning Experience

Take the plunge and dive deep into the world of Tana with us. Equip yourself with the right skills, under the right guidance, in the right environment. Let’s learn by building, together. Check some compelling use cases below.

Your Journey with Tana: A Path of Continuous Learning

Editions archive

By joining our community, you gain privileged access to a dedicated section within our Discord server. Dive deep into our archives and explore the techniques, strategies, and insights from previous sessions. This comprehensive repository equips you with the tools and understanding needed to craft your own unique Tana Commands and AI-enhanced Commands.

Daily updates

The world of Tana is dynamic, and so is our commitment to keeping you informed. With daily updates, you’ll always be at the forefront of new developments. Our community isn’t just about passive consumption. Engage in vibrant discussions, ask questions, share insights, and co-create with other Tana enthusiasts and professionals.

Commands templates

Every month, as we explore and create during our workshops, we generate new workflows, integrations, and command templates. These innovations are promptly shared with our community. What we co-create isn’t locked away. You’ll find them readily available in the form of public workspaces and template bundles, ensuring you can directly apply and benefit from our collective expertise.

Upcoming Events Calendar
AI & Commands Workshop #14
March 8, 2024
6-7PM CET, Zoom
AI & Commands Workshop #15
March 22, 2024
6-7PM CET, Zoom
AI & Commands Workshop #16
April 5, 2024
6-7PM CET, Zoom
AI & Commands Workshop #17
April 19, 2024
6-7PM CET, Zoom
AI & Commands Workshop #18
May 3, 2024
6-7PM CET, Zoom
AI & Commands Workshop #19
May 17, 2024
6-7PM CET, Zoom
AI & Commands Workshop #20
May 31, 2024
6-7PM CET, Zoom
Meet your instructor

Get to know more about my story

A dedicated professional, passionate learner, and proud family man, I have the privilege of wearing many hats. Not only have I founded and nurtured four successful businesses, but I also cherish my role as a husband and a father to two wonderful children. Nestled in the desolated Italian countryside, my family and I relish everything the great outdoors has to offer.

My professional journey has granted me a rich reservoir of experience in the realm of productivity and graph-based tools. Over the years, Tana has been at the forefront of my exploration. 

This immersion into Tana, combined with my background in data modeling, concept mapping, and data visualization, has equipped me with a nuanced understanding of the platform’s vast capabilities. 

As a certified Tana Ambassador, I pride myself on my adeptness in bringing Tana’s potential to fruition for both individuals and teams. My proficiency especially shines when leveraging Tana’s AI features, ensuring that workspaces are optimized, efficient, and tailored to the needs of the user.

I aim to guide others in harnessing the power of Tana to its fullest, ensuring that they, too, can achieve their aspirations in the digital domain.


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